Real Estate

Practice Areas

Real Estate

One of the preeminent firms in the real estate field in China

Zhong Lun Law Firm's Real Estate Practice Group is a pillar practice of the firm. Zhong Lun has top professional strengths and best teams in this field, with distinguished lawyers, who are regarded highly and trusted by our clients and have remained in the forefront of this critical practice area. Zhong Lun is one of the few law firms capable of providing full range real estate related legal services from start to finish and covering the whole real estate industry for various clients (including government agencies, investors, developers, building contractors, financial institutions, users, real estate funds, etc.). We advise on land comprehensive development, land grant, project financing, real estate development, real estate transfer, various M&A transactions, property operation and management, public offerings of real estate companies and securitization of real property, infrastructures and PPP, environment and energy and real estate related dispute resolutions, which have a comprehensive coverage of many subdivisions of the real estate industry, including residential real estates, office real estates, commercial real estates, industrial real estates, theme parks, housing real estates for the aged, tourism real estates, hotel management and design & construction of golf courses.

Zhong Lun's Real Estate and PPP Project Teams are unmatched in terms of the numerous honors we received in the rankings by various recognized legal rating agencies. Zhong Lun has numerous partners who are acclaimed in the industry and they have professional ability to deal with all details in this field. Zhong Lun's Real Estate Practice Group knows the ins and outs of all applicable laws and has a high reputation in the industry. Many clients say, “Zhong Lun is our first choice.”

Scope of Services

Land Investment
  • Business models, legal risk assessment and cooperative conditions in land investment
  • Land investment and agreements for land transactions
  • Land expropriation and demolition compensation
  • Land comprehensive development and PPP
Real Estate Development
  • Legal structuring of project development or joint development
  • Establishment of real estate companies
  • Acquisition, grant and transfer of state-owned land use rights
  • Pre-sale and sale of real property
  • Property management
  • Property handover
  • Acquisition and divestment of real estate companies or special purpose vehicles
Real Estate M&A
  • Legal structuring of real estate acquisitions
  • Legal due diligence
  • M&A transaction documentation and negotiation
  • Government approvals and registration
  • Tax matters related to M&A
Real Estate Investment & Financing
  • General financing of real estate companies
  • Private equity investment and financing for real estate projects
  • Trust funds for real estate projects or project companies
  • Financing of real estate companies by issuing bonds
  • Securitization of real estates
  • Other innovative financing channels
Property Operation and Management
  • Legal and tax issues in relation to the operation of real property
  • Property leasing
IPO & Refinancing of Real Estate Companies
  • Onshore and offshore initial public offerings of real estate companies
  • M&A and restructuring of listed real estate companies
  • Refinancing of listed real estate companies
  • Establishment and listing of REITs
Dispute Resolution
  • Acting as counsel in arbitration cases involving real estate
  • Acting as counsel in lawsuits (including administrative lawsuits) involving real estate
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